Write a report in APA format using a minimum of


Write a report in APA format using a minimum of 700 words excluding cover, reference page and any appendices to address the following. A minimum of five reliable sources are required (see Note below).


In general peer-reviewed sources should be used. However in certain cases it may be acceptable to use sources that are not peer-reviewed but otherwise reliable or relevant. Examples include governmental websites or those of organizations affiliated with governments, annual reports and websites of organizations relevant to the work, or reputable trade journals. Dictionaries, Wikipedia, and Blogs are not acceptable.  

Use section headings for each area discussed.

Part A:

  • Discuss the processes for the following phases and explain the energy inputs and outputs involved:
    • Use
    • Recycling/Reuse
    • Disposal
  • Include a graphic showing the flow of processes for the following phases:
    • Use
    • Recycling/Reuse
    • Disposal

Part B:

Reflecting on your work in Parts 1, 2 and 3 for the product and the whole process from “Cradle to Grave” or “Acquisition of Raw Materials to Disposal”:

  • Evaluate the impact on the Environment, Economy & Society
  • Recommend technological innovations that could reduce the Environment, Economy &
  •  Society impact of manufacturing this product.

PART 1&2 is done in the file attached below. Please take in reference of the document while writing the part 3. 

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