Wilderness Survival: Surviving in the Wilderness

Mode:  Research

Length: 6 to 8 pages (At least 6 full body pages with the Works Cited counting as page 7, and no more than 8 body pages with the Works Cited counting as pages 9 and 10)

Font: Times or Calibri or similar (a clean, easy to read font)

Font size: 12

Spacing: Double spaced (does not need more than double space between paragraphs)


Writing Elements to consider or include:

Have a title

Use action verbs instead of forms of the verb to be (limit the use of was and is)

Have paragraphs approx. 5 sentences long, about 4 paragraphs per page

Use examples from the book Into the Wild to make your some of your points

Use examples from your research to inform the reader




Use MLA research paper format: Include at least 2 block quotes. Use plenty of direct quotes. Use a few paraphrases. View the MLA format lesson. See the example paper.


Include a Works Cited page (or 2 pages) that is alphabetical, reverse indented, and double spaced.


At least 14 research sources for an A or B paper.  Minimum of 10 to earn a C.  Research sources can include: TV, video, radio, magazines, books, posters, performances, first hand research, observations, encyclopedias, journals, interviews, and professional articles (at least 25% of research must come from non-internet sources).


Interviews: Find two people who know something about wilderness survival and interview them.

Examples: Ski Patrol, Rescue Dog owners, Sheriff, Search and Rescue Volunteers, Someone who got lost in the wilderness, Boy Scout instructor, Military Survival Instructor, Member of a military team, Instructor at a private Wilderness Survival School, Park Ranger, Whitewater Rafting Guide, Hunting Guide


Focusing your topic:  Pick 2 or 3 specific areas to focus on within wilderness survival and conduct research to find evidence that would inform the reader about these subtopics.  Examples: Desert Survival, Ocean survival, Forest Survival, Accidental Survival (getting stranded when not expecting to), Finding Water, Finding Food, Mental Aspects, Rescue, Building Shelter, or others.


Showing to make paper interesting: Include a few real-life examples that show wilderness survival situations that illustrate your specific areas of focus. A good place to put a real life example is in the introduction to gain the interest of the reader.


Summary:  Conclude your paper with a summary of the information that you presented.  You may include references to your real-life examples in the summary.

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