Why did the Nazi perpetrators do what they’ve done?

 1. NAZI concentration camps and 2. Wehrmacht / Polizeibataillon 101 (Reserve Police Battalion 101) / Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (“task forces” or “deployment groups“) behaved after 1945: How did they justify their behavior during the Nazi time? Are there specific reasons that came up more often than others? How did they feel working in their position? Are there differences between men and women?

Are there differences concerning their former position (commanders, administrativ stuff, guards, driver etc.)? Did their reasons change from the beginning to now? The article should range from the time after the end of the Third Reich and should end today, as there were several trials in the past years (f.e. Demjanjuk, Oskar Gröning, Klaus K. in Ascq, France)

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