The acceptance of technological change in the hospitality industry In

The acceptance of technological change in the hospitality industry
In today’s fast-paced world, hoteliers have invested heavily in information technology (IT) in order to meet the changing needs of a “next tech” and “design-savvy” generation, improve guest satisfaction and ensure a unique experience. In the hospitality industry, IT innovation capability has been widely recognized as being a source of competitive advantage as it enhances interactions between customers and front-line employees (Ottenbacher & Gray, 2004; Sipe, 2016). Hotels are striving to incorporate novel competitive services offerings (Victorino et al., 2005) as well as providing a unique innovative guest experience. However, the increasing use of technology in services, especially in the hospitality sector, neither employees’ sense making nor their roles as accepters or rejecters have been examined in as determinants of technological change implementation success (Hu et al., 2009). How do you think technology has changed work environments among the front-line employees over the last decade? 

APA writing conventions should be followed with a minimum of two (2) sources referenced (in the end of your answer) and cited (as appropriate within your answer). Your response (minimum of 300 words) should be a thoughtful, objective academic analysis of the concepts being learned in the course

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