Select what you would eat and drink for either breakfast,


Select what you would eat and drink for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner from your favorite restaurant. Choose a restaurant (example- red lobster, Dunkin donuts, chick fil, etc.)

You are to list specifically the breakdown of the nutritional content serving sizes, and calories of the meal you’ve eaten.

Example- Lunch Ex.- Red Lobster   Parrot IsleJumbo Coconut Shrimp/ broccoli/ key lime pie/ Dr. Pepper

Compare its nutritional value to what MyPlate recommends (calories, protein, veg/fruit, etc.)

Total up the calories for that particular meal. Calculate the remaining percentage for the day. Determine if this was a great choice.

Explain the consequences that eating such a meal would have on their overall health +/- (minimum 100 words)

Include what better substitutions would be if any and recalculate the nutritional value

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