Research question: What are the pros and cons of informatics,

Research question: What are the pros and cons of informatics, crowdsourcing, and artificial intelligence in clinical nursing? What about the use of these in nursing education?

Write a professional summary using research methods learned in other Courses. Two full pages of content.Double spaced.There is a 2-3 sentence summary at the end of the paper that matches the research. APA format. In text citations.

All pages are 12-font. The cover page has the writer’s name, course number, instructor, and date. On the second page, put the question you are addressing in bold, and center it, at the top of the page. The rest of the paper is not in bold nor is it centered. 1. For the research question, support your answers with quotes or summaries from at least two journals, less than 5 years old. 2. One journal must be a nursing journal; the others can be a business, medicine, or other journal. Do not use blogs or Editorials. 3. Use different sources for the the research question – do not reuse the same sources. 4. Summarize in two to three sentences the answer to the question at the end of the text before the references so that the reader easily understands the point of the paper. 5. Use at least two pages, double spaced. Use two or more references for each question at place at the end of the question NOT at the end of the paper. Use correct APA in referencing the journals at the end of each of the research questions. Remember: Correct APA for summarizing a reference is: the author and year in parenthesis, i.e., (Jones, 2021). Correct APA for quoting a reference: “quotation marks” followed by (parenthesis, author, year, and page number), i.e. (Jones, 2020, p. 10)

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