Public health nutrition programme

 You are a public health nutrition advisor. Your local health authority has asked you to review one of the existing international public health nutrition programmes below:

‘Community-based physical activity and nutrition programme for adults with metabolic syndrome in Vietnam’ ‘Effects of a multi-component nutritional telemonitoring intervention on nutritional status, diet quality, physical functioning and quality of life of community-dwelling adults in The Netherlands’ They have asked that following your review, you make recommendations for implementation of a similar programme in your local area and consider any improvements needed. For this review:

– You can choose to focus your recommendations for implementation and improvement on a specific area of one of the following regions of the world:

• Europe

• South or East Asia

• Middle East

• Africa

-You should focus on dietary related initiatives to implement/improve but may also include other lifestyle related initiatives.

The poster should include:

• A critical appraisal of the existing programme you have been asked to review

• The critical appraisal may include: – A discussion of the evidence and theory used to develop the public health nutrition programme – Stakeholder involvement in the development and implementation – Evaluation and results following the programme – Challenges faced – Strengths and limitations of the programme

• An outline of your recommendations for implementation of a similar programme in your chosen area (with rationale provided) and any improvements suggested You should present a clear summary of your critical appraisal and your recommendations for implementation/improvement of a similar programme as a poster.

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