PERSONAL STATEMENTS 1. For all applicants, including Nurse Corps, use


1. For all applicants, including Nurse Corps, use the space provided lo describe the following in detail (Limit your statement for each section below

to balwoon 200 and bU words

– Reason applying for a commission

  • Personal and professional goais
  • Strenaths/personal characteristics you possess which will contribute lo success in the program(s) to which you are applying
    Address any other relevant information or substantial accomplishments not already covered.

This what I have so far: 

My strategic goal is to influence the intrinsic and the extrinsic motivation throughout the Human Resource Community so that I can provide a reliable outlook.  Becoming a Naval Officer been a goal of mine from the beginning of my career.  I have had exceptional Officers who challenged me and molded me to be the sailor I am today because of their leadership attributes. Exceeding my expectations led to me being promoted meritoriously to 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class Petty Officer at three different commands.  I have so much to offer and it is important that I step out on faith and share the benefit of my experience with others who are trying to find their way.  I knew during my recruiting tour how important Human Resource was both inside and outside of the Navy.  The knowledge and skills I retained allowed me to become Junior Sailor of the Year.  This pushed me to complete my Masters in Human Resource Management.  This is the very reason why I chose your formidable designation to hone my capabilities to become not just a successful Officer, but one who exudes confidence in arming her sailors with the right amount of leadership, care, and knowledge. I believe that I possess the ethical values and capabilities to become a Human Resource Officer. I hope that you give me the great honour of selecting me into your program. With my excellent background, I can and I will become the Officer that the Navy needs!

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