is Robinson Crusoe an unchanging character or did he undergo a change by the end of the novel?

 For your first essay, you will compose an essay that addresses a central issue within the genre of the “Robinsonade.” In your essay, you will engage with a critical term or concept that we have discussed or read (in the critical appendices to the texts) and show how this idea manifests itself in one of Robinson Crusoe, Foe, or The Female American. The goal of the essay is to make connections between analysis of the text and issues of transatlantic culture, supported by your engagement with a secondary source. Requirements • 5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced, MLA format for citations (including a Works Cited page), and submitted in Word .docx format to Turnitin via Blackboard’s Assignments. • The bulk of the essay must be critical analysis supported by details from the text (i.e. close reading / explication–analyzing the language and what it suggests). • The essay must have a thesis-driven argument, preferably stated in a sentence that begins, “In this essay I will argue….” • The essay must utilize at least one secondary source. This source can be one of the articles from the critical editions of the texts (i.e. Hunter on Robinson Crusoe). • Please email me a copy of any secondary sources that are not texts from class. • Submit a 300-word proposal at the beginning of class. The proposal must receive my acceptance. In the proposal, you need to state what text you’re using, what critic / critical concept you’re using, and what you will be analyzing (i.e. not a thesis, but a hypothesis at least).  • If you change your essay topic, please email me a new proposal following the guidelines above. • Essays submitted without having gone through the proposal process and been approved will lose 10 points from the final grade (approximately one full letter grade). • Papers are due via Blackboard’s Assignments.

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