Identify what parts of the body would be considered series


  • Identify what parts of the body would be considered series and what parts would be considered parallel.
    There  are a few parts of the body that I would consider parallel even though  most of the body is series. Most of the body is a series circuit but  certain organs I would consider parallels. Organs like the kidneys and  the lungs are parallels because they work in parallels. These organs  work at the same time and do the same job. those are some of the only  parts of the body I would consider parallels.

  • Discuss how the series and parallel systems function together as a series-parallel circuit in your analogy.
    while  the organs are the parallel circuits the blood paths are the series  circuits. The blood starts at the heart and gets sent throughout the  body and back to the heart. The blood also goes to the organs in order  to allow them to go through the process that they need to do. As the  blood also goes through the organ it continues on until the veins turn  around and bring the blood back to the heart.

  • Explain how electricity can travel through the body using a  series-parallel electrical model. How does this relate to touch, step,  and step-touch potential?
    touch something that is electrified  and the current flow from your hand to the middle of your body which is  series and down through your legs which is a parallel, this is touch  potential. Step on an electrified object and do not touch anything else,  the current would flow from one foot and down the other foot, this is  step potential. 

  • Finally, Discuss the loading effect of a voltmeter on a circuit. How  does the voltmeter’s internal resistance affect the loading effect?
    The  loading effect on a voltmeter does not really effect lower resistance  circuits and only effect higher resistance circuits. there is no  difference on low resistance circuits but with higher resistance  circuits it lowers the voltage for that part of the circuit showing a  lower voltage.

    Electrical Deck. (n.d.). Sensitivity of Voltmeter and Loading Effect of Voltmeter. Electrical Deck – All about Electrical & Electronics. Retrieved October 26, 2022, from

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