I just need the slides and details on a word


I just need the slides and details on a word document.

Assessment One Instructions

  1. Complete all previous activities in the Learning Module Path: Accounting Systems.
  2. You will use the concepts learned in this class throughout your career. The application will be different at the entry level than when you are an executive. You may have to teach them to the people you hire. Understanding how to apply the concepts at each level is a useful skill.
  3. You will assemble a portfolio of resources to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have acquired for your professional career. This assignment is designed to be included in your portfolio.
  4. Select one topic from the Learning Module: Accounting Systems.
  5. Create a video journal and address these points:
    1. As an entry-level professional.
    2. As a mid-level professional.
    3. As an executive-level professional.
    4. Identification: Identify the topic and explain why you believe the topic is important.
    5. Explanation: Explain the calculations or concepts, and how it can be used in decision-making.
    6. Application: Assuming your audience knows nothing about the topic, explain how to apply it:
    7. Ethics: Identify 1 ethical issue related to this topic and explain how you would address it.
  6. Process
    1. Develop a rough idea of what you want to do.
    2. Create a storyboard to further organize and refine your thoughts using the storyboard form.
  7. Requirements:
    1. The video should be between 5 minutes and 7 minutes long.
    2. A minimum of 7 slides. You may choose any form of presentation software. You will post the URL for the instructor to review. 1 slide for the introduction and 1 slide for references with at least 5 for the body.
    3. A minimum of 2 references from the Skyepack modules associated with this Learning Module.
    4. A minimum of 1 reference from the Bible.
    5. Submit a Word document with your name and the URL for your presentation in submit assignment,

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