The History of Jim Crow How did the 

 The History of Jim Crow

  1. How did the term Jim Crow come about?         
  2. Does the term have a single meaning? If so, what is that meaning? If not, what are the multiple meanings? Give some examples.
  3. How and when was Jim Crow dismantled?
  4. What are some of the legacies of Jim Crow today?

Jim Crow of the North – Full-Length Documentary

  1. What is a racially restrictive covenant? What do racial covenants achieve?
  2. Based on the video, what likely prompted to the very first racial covenant in May of 1910?
  3. What scientific era influenced the language, and therefore ideas, used in racial covenants?
  4. What was the Supreme Court case that addressed the issue of racial covenants? What was the outcome? Was it effective?
  5. What was the consequence for a homeowner who broke the racial covenant?
  6. What impact has housing discrimination had on wealth accumulation for African Americans?

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