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This paper expands on written assignment # 1, part A by extending the work you are doing on the problem you described to the mezzo/group level. If you are not engaged in group work at your internship, please discuss your understanding of any barriers to group work for addressing the problem, and how they can be overcome to extend your work on the problem to the mezzo level. Your discussion ought to include a plan for facilitating a group including the action steps that is needed to bring the group to fruition. What would be a group for the child used in previous paper? What would be unique for the child in a certain group? What would be a challenge for the child in the group? Similar to what you did in part A of this assignment, your evaluation ought to include what you did to create actual session process, and what you plan/hope to do going forward in your direct practice work with your client(s), and draw upon concepts associated with the five foundation level models (crisis intervention, task achievement, solution-focused, cognitive restructuring, case management).


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