Discuss 4 marketing mixes (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) in

Q3. China has maintained its superpower of manufacturing in ‘general merchandise’ over the last couple of decades in the world economy. However, it has been expected by some analysts in the business world that China will lose its position and India would take over its position in the forthcoming years. You can provide your argument for AND against this prediction in your answer. (500 words)


Q4. Choose any branded product (Samsung TV or Sony TV rather than just TV) that is widely marketed in the UK at the moment but not yet available in one of the following nations: 1) Indonesia, 2) Turkey, 3) South Africa, or 4) Mexico and discuss 4 marketing mixes (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) in terms of standardisation and adaptation when marketing that product in the choice of your country. Give reasons for each of your decisions. (500 words)

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