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The group will continue to develop the project from Report 1 by developing elements of an implementation plan.  Each group member will be responsible to write one section of Report 2.  The sections of the report are:

  • Human Resources plan,
  • Risk Management plan,
  • Change Management Plan, and
  • Quality Management Plan.

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In this assignment, students are tasked with developing elements of an implementation plan for a project. The project in question is the continuation of a report that was previously submitted. Each student is responsible for writing a section of the report, which includes the Human Resources plan, Risk Management plan, Change Management Plan, and Quality Management Plan.

For the Human Resources plan, students should focus on outlining the strategies and processes that will be employed to manage and utilize the project team effectively. This section should include details on team composition, roles and responsibilities, recruitment and selection strategies, training and development plans, as well as performance evaluation and rewards systems. The Human Resources plan should aim to foster a collaborative and productive work environment that supports the successful implementation of the project.

The Risk Management plan section should address the identification, analysis, and mitigation of potential risks that may arise during the project implementation. Students should outline the process for identifying risks, assessing their potential impact, and developing appropriate contingency plans to minimize their impact on the project’s objectives. This section should also emphasize the importance of regular risk monitoring and review, as well as communication strategies to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of potential risks and their mitigation measures.

The Change Management plan section should focus on managing the transition from the current state to the desired future state of the project. Students should address the strategies and techniques that will be employed to facilitate and support changes within the organization, considering factors such as communication, training, stakeholder engagement, and resistance management. This section should emphasize the importance of effectively managing change to minimize disruptions and ensure the successful adoption and implementation of the project’s outcomes.

Lastly, the Quality Management plan section should outline the processes and procedures that will be implemented to ensure that the project’s outcomes meet the required standards and expectations. Students should address quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control activities, including the identification of quality metrics, quality monitoring mechanisms, and corrective action processes. This section should highlight the importance of continuous improvement and the involvement of stakeholders in ensuring the delivery of high-quality project outcomes.

Overall, the goal of this assignment is for students to demonstrate their understanding of various aspects of project implementation and management. By developing sections of the implementation plan, students will gain practical knowledge and skills necessary for successful project execution in the medical field.

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