Assistance with completing the attached form. HOS 450 [SPRING 2024] Exam #2 – 100 points Name:

Assistance with completing the attached form.

HOS 450 [SPRING 2024]

Exam #2 – 100 points

Name: ____________________________

For the first portion of exam #2, you will be asked to answer questions about the core elements of developing a research project (e.g., research question, methodology, methods, sampling, measurements, and data collection). Consider yourself as a researcher and develop a thoroughly designed research by answering each question below.

Please answer the following questions with detailed and logical explanations. All questions are based on the content addressed through the course textbook, lectures, discussions, and creative group exercises.

Questions #1 – #5 are based on the research idea given below:

Research Idea: How are college students adapting recreation/leisure preferences post the Covid-19 pandemic? What effects do these adaptations and changes have on college students’ leisure satisfaction and well-being?

1. Based on the given research idea, a) please create two research questions; b) operationalize your research questions (provide measurable concepts/factors) – 12 points

2. Which of the two different approaches to research (i.e., deductive & inductive reasoning) would you choose to answer your research questions? Explain why? – 8 points

3. What methodology and method would you choose to answer each of your research questions? Provide a detailed justification for your selection. – 10 points

4. Based on the method you chose, answer the following two questions and provide a detailed justification that accompanies your answers: – 12 points (a=8 points, b=4 points)

a) Should you choose probability sampling or non-probability sampling?

b) Do you need a sampling frame?

5. Among the sampling techniques learned in class and based on the approach (inductive or deductive) to the methodology you chose, which sampling technique will you choose and why to gather the sample? Explain in detail the process of gathering a sample using your chosen sampling technique. – 16 points

For the second portion of exam #2, you will plan to engage in the process of collecting data. Based on the brief scenario, please answer the following questions with detailed and logical explanations.

Scenario: You are the director of the largest privately owned recreation & sport facility in Hayward, CA called RecSport-Max. Your current project is to create an outreach program to assist students with academic achievement. You have been inspired by the San Francisco Giants Community Fund and Charities program. See their website for more information on the Scholars Program:

You think a program like this may be beneficial for Hayward area youth. However, you are unfamiliar with the educational and socioeconomic situations of Hayward households with children. Thus, it is difficult to establish goals and objectives for a similar program in Hayward.

6. You have a gathered a group of educational leaders (e.g., principals, school district board members, CSUEB Professors and High School Guidance Counselors) to serve as key informants and you plan to conduct a focus group. What types of questions would you include in your moderator guide [a set of the open-ended questions] for the focus group? Write 4-5 open-ended questions to explore the topic of interest. Consider order effects when you develop your focus group guide and explain how you considered order effects in the sequencing of your questions. – 12 points

7. Meanwhile, you think it would be helpful to reach out to some parents/guardians of Hayward high school students to hear their perspectives as well. For this part of your planning you decide to gather insights with a short survey of a sample of Hayward high school parents/guardians. First, you would like to gather some basic demographic information from your participants. That demographic information includes
child(ren)’s year in school, gender, race, and household income. a) Generate one survey question for each descriptive/demographic item listed above; b) State the level of measurement for each question (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) – 18 points

8. Data Collection Method: Now, you need to decide how you will collect the data (e.g., mailed questionnaire, face-to-face structured/schedule-standardized interview, telephone, online). What data collection method will you choose? Provide a justification for your choice and explain the advantages and disadvantages the data collection method you are choosing. Please be specific. – 12 points

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